MAD DEALS – Location Based Marketing

MAD DEALS – Location Based Marketing

MAD DEALS – Location Based Marketing

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What is Location Based Mobile Marketing, you ask? Well, aside from being a mouthful it is the single best up-in-coming marketing strategy available. Brands like Macy’s and Taco Bell are using geo fencing software to target their customers and effectively market their products. Now, however, small business owners and network marketers have an opportunity to cash-in on this incredibly lucrative promotional strategy through Mad Deals.


Location Based Marketing—The Facts

According to researchers at the Pew Institute, 74% of smartphone users aged 18 years or older use their smartphone to get directions or to find location based information. Obviously, this is an important fact for marketers to consider. Geo fence technology has radically changed the way people look for and receive information, and businesses and brands that fail to take note of this change may be left in the dust wondering what went wrong.

Another interesting tidbit of information from the MDG Advertising group shows that nearly 73% of consumers admit they would positively respond to any marketing text messages that they received from business owners while in sight of their brick-and-mortar.

Powerful, right?

This is made even more powerful by the fact that most location based mobile marketing utilizes google maps to offer proximity based coupons. These coupons are powerful calls-to-action and create positive results for marketers. Numbers don’t lie, and with roughly two thirds of individuals favoring location based marketing offers along with proximity based coupons, geo fencing is a no-brainer.

Mad Deals = Mad Results

As we’ve already noted, promoting coupons and special offers to consumers within shouting distance is one of the best ways to sell your products. People are constantly searching for the best price, quality, and deal for their dollar within their area. Location specific marketing makes the most of new technology like geo fence software, and creates an easily digestible marketing plan that gets results.


What Does Mad Deals Do?

Mad Deals marketing is different. Through our Android and IOS APP software we help small business owners, entrepreneurs, and retailers connect with their community and target their consumer base; and consumers love us. In fact, consumers often rate brands higher if their mobile experience is a positive one. Cisco research shows that nearly 61% of app users have a more favorable opinion of brands when they offer a positive mobile experience. At Mad Deals, we put these numbers and figures into action and create powerful marketing strategies that work. Here’s how we do it.

First, we know what consumers want. They want deals, and they want good ones. They also want their favorite brands to recognize this desire and respond accordingly. If they don’t, consumers will start looking elsewhere. We work with brands in our network to create mobile marketing that works for them. No two companies are alike, and neither should their advertising strategy be.

Second, we offer premium design consultations for up-in-coming companies. Whether you’re new to network communications, need a better promotional campaign, or are interested in powerful location-based advertising Mad Deals is here to help. We’ll take your ideas and create a high-end campaign that targets your niche market effectively.

Third, we’ll build a unique “Mad Deals” campaign specifically for your audience. Our direct local advertising services implement modern wireless communication and technology so that you get the results you want.

The outcome? Mad Results for Mad Deals.


Why Location Based Marketing Works

Consider this simple fact: nearly 2 billion people around the world have smartphones. What’s that got to do with your marketing strategy? Everything.

Powerful, effective, and intelligent advertising begins and ends with what consumers are looking for. Successful brands don’t expect their consumers to come to them. Instead, they go to their consumers. Location based mobile marketing perfectly exemplifies this truth.

With technology like geo fencing readily available, now is the time to bring consumers what they want, when they want it, where they want it.

For example, imagine yourself searching for the perfect place in your neighborhood to buy a new wardrobe. What would be your first step to finding the right store? Would you hop in your car and start driving aimlessly around your neighborhood?


If you’re like nearly 75% of smartphone users you’d use your google search browser on your phone to find a retailer near your location. But say you can’t make a decision between Joe’s Closet and the Everyday Wear Store. They both have great reviews, and they seem to offer similar items. The only difference, one is offering a mobile app with a 50% off coupon and the other just has a standard website with their hours of operation.

Which would you choose?

The store with the 50% off coupon, of course!

In much the same way, location based mobile marketing becomes the obvious choice for consumers. After all, if one business is offering an insane deal and the other takes a nonchalant approach to their marketing it shows which brand is invested in providing consumers with a better choice.


Why Choose Mad Deals?

If you are looking for the single-best way to provide proximity based coupons for your target niche, then choose Mad Deals. Not only do we help you craft a solid marketing campaign using the latest location based mobile marketing techniques, but we will also help you implement them into a strategy that works.

Direct advertising is the best way to get your promotions, coupons, and brand in front of your target audience. Our powerful Android and IOS APP connects you with your audience in a way that no other business can. Now you can use our platform to market your business to consumers through innovative technology that produces results.

Discover what location based mobile marketing can do for you, by signing up for Mad Deals. We’ll walk you through the process and help you make the most out of our services. Our dedicated team will also be there to answer any questions you may have.

Power up your brand with powerful advertising, by choosing Mad Deals.